BIM 218


BIM218/EEC244B Micro-Nano Sciences

Fall Quarter

Course Description

The 4-unit course presents an introduction to the theory of physical and chemical principles at the micro and nanoscale. In addition, nature’s intriguing microbiological designs will be analyzed and discussed in the class. It provides a basic survey of the important physics and chemistry of interfacial phenomena at the micro and nanoscale with governing scientific principles, which are essential to micro-nanoengineering designs.

Topical Outline

Scaling Law, Intermolecular Interactions, Van de Waals Forces, Interfacial Phenomena, Wetting Phenomena, Surface Tension, Micro-Nanofluidics, Surface Modification, Micro-Nano Tribology, Biomimetics.


Physics and Chemistry of Interfaces, 2nd Ed, H-J Butt, K Graf, and M Kappl, Wiley-VCH, 2006 (ISBN: 3-527-40629-8)


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